Buying Chequered Plates? Here Is A Guide About The Different Types And Applications Of Chequered Plates You Must Know.

April 18, 2023

Considered to be one of the most versatile materials in the industry, steel has been recently used in several applications. This material is found to have undergone the manufacturing process only to end up being used for any kind of application.


One of these applications that have been in very high demand these days is the chequered plates. This patterned plate has nothing but positive features latched to it. Besides this, there are several types and applications of this plate. Let’s take a look at them.


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Also known as diamond plates, these are produced with a significant pattern that allows them to be anti-slip and keep up the friction while it is in contact with some other material. This is also the reason why the MS plate suppliers in Chennai supply them in great amounts for being used for different applications.

Let’s learn about its different types here.


  1. Steel Chequered Plates

These are mostly hot-rolled plates that are manufactured by passing them through the rollers with raised patterns. The chequered plates that are developed from these rollers are used for heavy-duty applications. Every chequered plate has different grades that make them perfect for different applications.


  1. Aluminum Chequered Plates

These are lightweight plates that are not only resistant to corrosion by also have a great composition of strength and weight. This is the reason why they are ideal for being used in applications that are durable and require products of reduced weight. For applications like aerospace and transportation, these plates are perfect.


  1. Galvanized Chequered Plates

These have a coating of steel on them along with a layer of zinc. Thus, it can be protected against corrosion, rust, and other materials. The MS chequered plate weight chart consists of such plates that are of different weights and are thus, used for different applications.


  1. Diamond Plate

The most common type of plate that people know about is this diamond plate that has diamond patterns on them. These are perfect anti-slip materials and are therefore ideal for being used in the flooring of the industrial sector. These can be of different sizes and are made from both steel and aluminium.


  1. Stainless Steel Chequered Plates

Stainless steel chequered plates are transfered to food processing industries, chemical industries, and pharmaceutical industries. These are made of stainless steel that maintains the sanitation and hygiene of the particular application they are being used in.


Learn about the different applications of chequered plates used in several industries


There are several applications where chequered plates are used. Often these applications are based on the thickness of the plate mentioned in the MS chequered plate weight chart. Let’s learn about some of the applications of chequered plates.


  1. Floors of the elevators

The MS plate suppliers in Chennai are well aware of the durability of the material. This is the reason why they are used in the installation of elevator floors. Since these areas are prone to foot traffic, the plates will prevent any kind of damage caused due to warping or weight pressures. Further, they also have a glossy finish that adds to the aesthetics of the elevator.


  1. Corner guard for walls

Earlier doors were made from wood. But, it gradually changed into chequered plates due to the material’s wear and tear ability. This also affected the quality of the door, making it more durable, followed by changing the wooden frames into steel frames.

With the introduction of hot-rolled plates and steel corner guards, there is no longer the need to think about damaged walls. Since these are galvanized, there are further no chances of being rusted as well.


  1. Floors of car parking

The traditional car parking systems did not have any grip since the entire structure was made of concrete. But, in today’s time, the MS plate suppliers in Chennai supply chequered plates to industries that construct the floor of the car parking area.

Since they are of varying sizes and patterns, they can be adjusted to any floor. Further, they can be installed in any area quite easily without much time consumption. These also provide traction for the wheels while the cars are being parked and produce low noise.


  1. Industrial stairs

Another application where these plates have been used is the industrial stairs. Be it a chemical plant or a factory, these provide safety more than anything else. Further, this is utilized to avoid any health issues due to contamination and prevent a lot of accidents.


Chequered plates are highly important in today’s industrial world. Besides providing an aesthetic look to the applications, these have been consistently ensuring the safety of people that are using them.