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Checkered Sheet

Steel takes on many forms when put through the fabrication process. They can be hard TMT bars at one point but can also be beaten into sheets to fit the requirement of the project. In the line of Steel products that we produce, the most popular is the MS chequered plate. They stand as a perfect example of the modern usage of steel. These plates have a high core strength that can be very much used for reinforcing purposes across a variety of situations in the construction industry. These plates generally tend to have a tough outer core but a soft inner core.

To ensure maximum skid resistance in your construction project, you can use the MS chequered plate as it is a high friction plate that would provide good grip and can avoid slips and falls in an industrial setting. They are available in a teardrop pattern with a maximum bead height of 1.2mm. These plates give products an added advantage. We are the best Steel Dealers in Chennai to provide high-quality C & Z purlins at a reasonable price. Our MS plate price in Chennai is very much affordable to fit in your construction budget.

The MS chequered plate is almost used in every residential and commercial building with a wide range of applications. are in the trend in recent times. They are very easy to erect and used widely for immediate assembling purposes. The heavy gauge material is being used as an additional material that lasts for a lifetime. These plates give an attractive finish and low maintenance cost and hence it is selected for architecture and construction purposes.

Each unit of steel plates is manufactured at a separate cost in the factory. Some of the steel plate construction materials are steel joints, metals, and beams which are widely used in industries. It can withstand various weather factors and it can be cut in a variety of shapes and forms according to our requirements or the client’s specification.

Here are the uses and benefits that you get from the MS chequered plate


  • Since they have friction capacity, it is used in Industrial flooring to avoid slips and falls while handling goods.
  • Grating over closed gutter/ culvert
  • They can be used to enhance the overall structural strength of the building when equipped at appropriate places.


  • The MS chequered plate comes in a wide range of thicknesses and widths. Therefore, you have many choices to select them, depending on your construction requirements.
  • Bright clean surface
  •  High skid resistance due to higher friction
  • Consistency of properties