Raunaq Steels has multiple high-end warehouses strategically located in Chennai, and Visakhapatnam.

We have dedicated 100000 square feet of covered and 75000 square feet of uncovered area to building warehousing facilities capable of stocking over 20000 metric tonnes of raw materials.

 Raunaq Steels – Chennai warehouses

Chennai occupies the prominent spot in the warehousing map of Raunaq Steels. The warehousing system that we have in Chennai comprises 3 units, one in Vichoor, the other two are in Manali.




Vichur: The Vichur warehouse in Chennai is one of the 3 main warehouses that we have here. Being strategically located, this warehousing facility spans 3.54 acres of  land, with a covered shade area of 85000 Sq.ft. The warehouse is equipped with two EOT cranes, with the capacity of 20 metric tonnes. There is also a mobile crane, that comes with a 10 metric ton capacity. To ensure a fast and smooth workflow we have also added a weighing bridge of 100-ton capacity.

Manali:  Two of our Chennai warehousing units are situated in Manali. Both of which are fully-equipped with optimal storage capacity .

  • The BGS warehousing facility in Manali spans a sprawling area of 1.34 acres, with 30,000Sq.ft. of covered shed. Along with being in a prime location, this warehouse is also fully-equipped to systematically handle the massive amount of raw materials.
  • The second Manali warehousing unit too is built at a strategic location spanning an area of 1.23 acres of land, and has approximately 11,000 Sqft. of covered shed. It has also been provided with the best quality equipment to ensure that the logistic services are being run without any kind of glitch. The warehouse is also monitored 24/7 with CCTV cameras.

Raunaq Steels –  Visakhapatnam warehouse

Our journey in visakhapatnam began in the year 2003 with the warehouse that spans 65000 square feet.  Over 3000 metric tonnes of raw materials safely get stocked in this warehouse. To ensure smooth logistics services, this warehouse has been equipped with 2 Mobile cranes of 12 metric tonnes capacity. There are CCTV cameras strategically positioned to ensure the safety of the raw materials. The warehouse is monitored 24/7.

We also have skilled manpower in each of our warehouses to manage the operations, ensuring we meet diverse client requirements on schedule. All of our warehouses are monitored 24/7.