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TMT Rebars

Tmt Rebars are high strength reinforcement bars ideal for Schools, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Bridges, Dams and Power Plants.


  • More prominent ribs thereby causing higher AR values up to 100%-150% higher than traditional CTDs or other TMTs
  • Sectional weights very close to the nominal values specified in BIS code. This ensures higher meter age per unit weight
  • Suffers no loss of strength even at higher temperatures
  • Unique combination of strength, ductility and stress ratio enables these bars to be fire and seismic resistant.


MM Weight Kg/m
8 0.395
10 0.617
12 0.95
16 1.58
20 2.47
25 3.86
28 4.83
32 6.36



  • General concrete reinforcements in high rise buildings, bridges and other concrete structures
  • Excellent bendability, good weldability and high fatigue resistance on dynamic loading
  • Construction exposed to coastal, marine or underground environment
  • In addition to above this has high corrosion resistance properties