Getting Mild Steel Plates? Follow These Maintenance Tips To Increase Their Lifespan.

March 13, 2023

Mild steel plates are one of the most important steel types that are used in the construction industries for being used in building purposes. This is a highly cost-effective steel and has a carbon content of 0.16-0.29%, followed by a high melting point of 1450-1520oC. The presence of low carbon content in the steel allows it to have a high melting point.

Having a high melting point also has other benefits. It makes the steel ductile, suitable for cutting and welding, and easy to manufacture. But, they are not very convenient when it comes to the case hardening. Only by adding reactive carbon sources, the mild steel case can be hardened.  The high requirement of this plate calls for proper maintenance. But do you know how? Let’s find it out here.

Learn the Top 3 ways to maintain mild steel plates from the Best Steel Companies in India 


A major problem for any steel type is that it can get corroded. Being affected by corrosion reduces its strength and integrity and makes it less reliable. Thus it is very important to maintain the mild steel plates in such a way that they are not affected by corrosion.

According to the best steel companies in India, mild steel plates have a chance of being affected by corrosion due to the deficiency in chromium and nickel particles. These particles play an important role in preventing rust. This is also the reason, why stainless steel does not rust. To deal with this problem, here is an alternative that can help in preventing the corrosion of mild steel plates.

  1. Passive Barrier Protection

In this process, the steel is coated with a protective coating containing water, ions, and oxygen. The less penetrable the coating system is, the better is the protection. Providing a two-pack epoxy coating and a chlorinated rubber at a high film ensures better protection of the steel against corrosion.

  1. Active Protection

In this process, the pre-engineered building manufacturers in India use a primer that contains a reactive compound. This is applied directly to the steel which disrupts the formation of anodes on the steel surface. The zinc inhibitive primitives act as anti-corrosion substances. Zinc phosphate is partially soluble in water and produces zinc ions and phosphate ions. These phosphate ions render the steel passive and the zinc ions work as cathodic inhibitors.

  1. Sacrificial Protection

The sacrificial process, also known as Galvanic Protection is one of the most effective ways to prevent corrosion of mils steel plates according to steel dealers in India. Here, two dissimilar metals react together to act as protection. Zinc is the best way to avoid corrosion or at least lower the effect. When the zinc metal when in direct contact with the steel, it develops protection through the oxidation of zinc metal. This process can be further improved in the presence of ions like chlorides, especially in coastal areas.

Why is maintaining the steel quality so important?


Besides using steel in high amounts, its maintenance should also be of top priority. Why? So that it can be effectively used for a longer period of time for construction purposes. Let’s learn about the 5 factors that make the process of steel maintenance so necessary.

  • Improving safety:

    Every steel type has a great role to play in the construction of buildings it is being used in. For this reason, pre-engineered building manufacturers in India use to ensure that the material is in a good position to be used later and prevent any accidents or injuries from happening.

  • Lowered costs:

    The better the maintenance of the steel, the less the cost of making it. The steel should be of top quality and yet should be available at a reasonable price for being used in prefabricated houses, transportation of products from factories, etc.

  • Complying with the industry standards:

    The steel that is produced should comply with the industry standards so that it is used in the production of equipment and other products. The steel producer should also be ready with the other standardization documents that are in accordance with the business.

  • Keeps up the reputation of the company:

    Maintaining steel is very important especially when it comes to maintaining the reputation of the company. You must buy steel from the best steel companies in India where the productivity, fabrication process, etc are thoroughly checked.

  • Building customer relationships:

    The final factor is developing customer relationships. The better the quality of the steel, the customer is more likely to visit that steel dealer in India for products.

There are different steel grades and several other methods to maintain it. Before buying mild steel plates from steel dealers, ensure they are of top quality to help improve the quality of your structure.


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