Choosing The Right NPB Beam And Other Steel Beam For Your Application

April 24, 2023

Steel beams are among the most important material in the construction industry. It is used for several applications, starting with the construction of bridges, buildings, etc. This is the reason, why steel beam is in high demand among manufacturers.


But, before one can go with the construction process, it is important to understand the ways how one can choose the right steel beam. For this, there is a set of steps that should be followed. There are several steel beams available in the market, each having a defined purpose. Let’s understand them in detail.


Factors to consider while choosing NPB beam and other steel beams for an application


There are quite a few number of steel beams, the NPB beam being one of them. Also known as the Narrow Parallel Flange Beam, this is used in applications that require a narrow and elongated shape. Some even call it the I-beam due to its shape where the cross-section looks like the letter ‘I’.

Here is a list of the factors that manufacturers need to consider while choosing the right steel beam.

  1. Loading Capacity

One of the most important factors in choosing a steel beam is considered the load capacity. The load capacity will define the ability of the metal without making it bend or break.  This load capacity depends completely on the size of the beam, its shape, and its material.

Steel dealers in India will also need to learn about the weight of the beam so that it is capable of providing support and span.

  1. Span

The distance between the two supports, known as Span is what the beam will rest on. This plays a very crucial role in supporting the load. Thus, the more is the span, the greater will be its ability to provide support to the load. Besides this, the client can reach out to the consultant architect, besides the pre-engineered building manufacturers in India for designing an appropriate span for a given project.

  1. Size and Shape

Another important factor about steel beams is their shape and size. These two measurements are directly related to the load capacity and span of steel beams. The different shapes of steel beams include I-beams, H-beams, and C-beams.

I-beams: This is the most important type of NPB beam that is used in construction and is of varying sizes. Further, these can be used both as beams and columns.

H-beams: These have a wider flange and are more resistant to bending and twisting. Such a structure makes them ideal for tall and heavy loads.

C-beams: These are shaped like a ‘C’, and are used for small or lighter loads.

  1. Material

The steel dealers in India ensure that the right type of material is used for making steel beams. This is one of the important factors to consider since they need to b durable and strong. Mostly, the beams are made up of stainless steel and carbon steel to enhance their productivity. However, stainless steel adds to the properties of the beam by making it resistant to corrosion and rust.

  1. Codes and Standards of the beam

While buying beams, the pre-engineered building manufacturers in India check the codes and standards that are set up by the government for constructing a building. These criteria ensure that the building is safe and durable and is going to meet the minimum requirements. Thus, double-check if the beams are going to meet the demands of the building that is to be constructed.

  1. Cost

The final factor to be considered while buying NPB beams and other steel beams is their price. Budget plays a very important role in the construction process. Ensure that the beam you have bought is of the right quality and grade. For this, you might have to do market research and learn about the price, size, shape, and quality of beams.

It is very important to choose the right beam if you want the construction to last a long time. Since these are different structures, you might need the help of a structural engineer. Look for the right beam by considering these factors to get the best results.