What are the differences between regular TMT bars and rebars? We’ve got you covered!

August 13, 2022

There are a number of steel products that are used in the construction industry; from the steel bars to the steel plates one can find a wide number of items that are being used.  The TMT bars and steel rebars are some of the most-in demand items that have a wide spread use in the construction sector. However, whether you are buying pm plate or, TMT bars, you have to be aware of the product features, variations available and also the applications. In the field of steel bars one comes across both TMT bars and twisted rebars, although both are used in the construction, both differ in terms of price, features. It is better to be aware of these differences before you place an order to procure any of them. Find out more here.

The differences between regular TMT bars and rebars:

The manufacturing process:

When it comes to the manufacturing process both types of bars are produced using different processing techniques.  The TMT bars are known for their strength, and features, and these bars are produced using the special hot twisting technique. This process is more advanced, and in this process the bars have a soft inner core and the outer surface is harder. This makes them ideal for the constructions taking place in the earthquake prone zones because they are able to bend when subjected to pressure.  The rebars are produced using the cold twisting technology which is a comparatively old procedure. The twisted rebars undergo the solidification phase when they are subjected to a cold temperature. This is the phase where these are also twisted and this gives them a deformed structure. No matter which bar you want to procure always approach the best supplier to get your hands on these products. However, also check out the TMT steel price in Tamilnadu before ordering.

The features:

The regular TMT bars are strong and have found their application in the construction field, but the rebars are far ahead of them as they have a higher tensile strength. The rebars comes with a twisted surface which is produced during the processing phase and the raised surface enables them to bond better with concrete. During any construction reinforcing columns play a key role in lending support to the structure.  However, for this purpose using the regular bars won’t do; it is advisable here to check the grade of the bars before ordering, even if someone is ordering hr sheets they should check the hr sheet grades to know they are procuring the right product. The grade of the steel bars and sheets always indicate their strength and properties, and allows one to decide their specific application.

Even while procuring something like the pm plate, one should consider learning about the properties and the application. The twisted rebars on the other hand are perfect choices for reinforcing columns because the concrete holds better with the raised surface, whereas with simple bars the concrete just slips off.

The ductility:

The TMT bars are more ductile and this is a quality that is highly required in a steel bar. The constructions whether commercial or, residential will always be subjected to natural calamities. But when the TMT bars are used there could be better protection expected. The bars are ductile because of having a soft inner core and therefore, when they are subjected to the pressure they can bend but will never develop cracks. This will enable the building to stay strong and not collapse in the event of a natural calamity. However, the rebars undergo the twisting process and that makes them less ductile, therefore, these are not ideal for being used in the earthquake prone zones as they will easily develop cracks. Always check TMT bar grades, hr sheet grades before placing an order.

Corrosion resistance:

This is one more area where the bars differ greatly from each other. The bars used for construction must be corrosion resistant, because of the fact that these bars will be exposed to humid conditions, and will also be subjected to rain and other elements. If the bars develop rust then that would make them weak and in turn the internal structure of the building will weaken and will break when it will be subjected to stress. The TMT bars are known to be corrosion resistant in nature, whereas the twisted rebars are not corrosion resistant because the twisting process that these bars undergo destroys the protective oxide. Due to this the twisted bars can develop rust. Whenever you buy any steel product including the pm plate make sure that it is rust proof.

The differences of these two bars are many and before buying one should learn about these core differences to be able to make the right choice. Checking the TMT steel price in Tamilnadu is also important as this way one can make the informed choice and get the best product at the best price.