A Guide To The Variety Of Steel Bars Used In Construction

September 28, 2022

Be it residential construction, commercial or, industrial construction the steel is one of the most commonly used materials. The construction industry uses a number of steel products, including the steel bars. The steel is a versatile metal and there are many variants that come with different properties which make them ideal for different projects. In the field of construction, there are a number of steel bars used. You should consider exploring the different steel bar types if you want to procure them for your construction projects, and always get them from the best steel dealers in Indiasteel dealers in India.  Here’s a guide that might help you out.

What are the steel bar types that are used in the field of construction?

There are different types of steel bars that are used in the construction, but the selection would depend on the specific requirements of the project. One should be aware of the diverse options available, and should consider exploring them to be sure which ones would be perfect for a specific construction project.  Now here we will be discussing some common steel bars that are extensively used for different projects. Let’s take a look at what these are.

The Mild Steel Plain Bars:

When it comes to the steel bars, the mild steel plain bars are absolutely perfect for the construction sector; these mild steel variant bars do not have any ribbed surfaces, and are perfect for the construction purposes. The bars are basically round in shape, and have plain surface; in the field of construction these bars are basically used for the purpose of small construction projects, and you can purchase them from the leading steel distributors in Chennai; these bars do not bond well with the concrete though. The mild steel bars do not have high tensile yield strength; therefore, these are ideal for those construction projects that do not need high tensile strength. These bars are also affordable than the other bars.

The Deformed Bars:

The deformed bars or, the hot -rolled deformed bars are the other steel bar variants that are widely used.  The name is self-explanatory enough, and these bars come with a deformed surface as opposed to the mild steel bars, and these bars are also used in the R.C.C structures. Unlike the previously discussed mild steel bars, these deformed bars are known for their high tensile strength and therefore, these could be used for different construction requirements, talk to the steel dealers in Chennai to learn about these products. The bars have deformations which are formed during the hot-rolling process; the patterns or, the ribs on the bar surface allow the bars to bond well with concrete and thereby make the structure stronger. The rate of slippage is less and during an earthquake or, other natural disasters the concrete stays on, and therefore, the pillars would continue to provide the support to the building and help the building stay strong. The high tensile strength of the bars definitely makes them ideal for constructions that require high strength.

The Cold Rolled Steel Bars:

The next bars on the list would be the cold rolled steel bars. These steel bars are similar to hot rolled bars, but these are processed further at room temperature; approach the best steel dealers in India and learn more about these products and their specific properties. The cold rolled steel bars do not have any kind of deformation. The surface finish of the cold rolled steel bars is much better, and if precision is needed then the cold rolled steel bars would be absolutely perfect. The cold rolled steel bars would be required for the projects where the precision and good surface finish is required. The cold rolled steel bars have less ductility than that of the hot rolled steel bars. Before using these cold rolled steel bars, be aware of the properties of the bars before you get them from the steel distributors in Chennai.

The TMT steel bars:

The TMT bars are the most commonly used steel bars in the construction sector, and from small residential construction to the massive infrastructure projects the TMT bars are used extensively. The TMT bars or, the Thermo Mechanically Treated bars are the most prized items due to the amazing properties they have, talk to the steel dealers in Chennai, to learn about these bars. These bars have ductility, and these are flexible, and have high tensile strength. Furthermore, these steel bars also have corrosion resistance property, and these come with different grades that make them ideal for different applications. For the earthquake prone zones the TMT bars are must as these have a hard outer surface, but a soft inner core, therefore, these bend when exposed to high-pressure but do not break .

These above mentioned steel bars are the commonly used steel bars that could be found in the construction sector. However, it is always advisable to be aware of the specific properties of the different steel bars, before placing an order. Quality is important, and therefore, while ordering it is best to access these products from the best steel dealers in India as well.