Learn About The Different Uses Of Steel Plates Before Approaching Steel Plate Suppliers

March 24, 2023

Steel companies use steel plates for producing different kinds of metal items. These are fabricated to various thicknesses and widths and are even sliced to create an item. Steel plate is a material regularly used to make metal items. Different steel plates are used for developing different kinds of items that can later be used for specific purposes.

However, they still possess some similar uses like lifting weights, manufacturing different structures, etc. Some steel plates are also used in the construction process while making buildings. Let’s get a deeper insight.

Top 6 uses of steel plates that you must know before visiting steel suppliers in Chennai


Steel plates are used in several areas due to the physical features it possesses. It is not only resistant to corrosion or heat but also can change its shape to be used in the making of different products.  Here is a list of the top 6 areas you should be aware of before visiting steel suppliers in Chennai about the usage of steel plates.

  1. Roadwork and construction

Steel plates can be welded into a variety of shapes and sizes. This is the reason why it is used in building structures. Most warehouses and buildings that are developed by pre-engineered building manufacturers in India use steel plates to give their structure a fine touch. These are added to the buildings to ensure more strength to the foundations.

Even on roads, these steel plates can be seen blocking holes and other restricted areas. This way, the traffic can pass through easily without causing any kind of chaos.

  1. For preparing ships and shipping containers

Great usage of steel plates can be seen in the shipbuilding industry. The mild steel plate suppliers supply mild steel plates for constructing ships and other equipment like barges, offshore equipment like oil rigs, etc.

Being highly durable and water-resistant makes them a good material to be used in this industry. Further, they can be welded easily and are ultra-strong so that they can withstand the pressure of seawater and choppy ocean. The feature of being resistant to corrosion makes it an appropriate metal for making chipping containers and other cargo.

  1. For military purposes

The steel plates that are used in the military field are usually highly graded. Before supplying the material, the steel suppliers in Chennai ensure that they meet military standards. Without meeting the standards, it won’t be able to serve its purpose in the war zone.

Steel plates are used for manufacturing helicopters, tanks, jets, and other military vehicles. even the Navy uses steel plates for producing ships and other naval repairs. Besides this, several weapons are also made from steel plates.

  1. For household purposes

One might start to think that steel plates are found only on the outside of the house and not on the inside. Well, if looked at closely, several applications are made from steel plates. Appliances like the dishwasher, refrigerator, and washing machine, all are produced with good-quality steel sheets supplied by mild steel plate suppliers.

The reason for steel plates being in demand is because of their ability to hold heat and stay resistant to rusting. This way, the appliances don’t get damaged soon and keep running for longer years.

  1. Manufacturing automobiles

Besides being used by pre-engineered building manufacturers in India, steel plates are also used to manufacture automobiles. The different qualities of this material make it ideal for being used in this industry. These can be molded into shapes easily without affecting the strength which is why it is perfect for being used in creating the bodies of high-speed cars.

  1. Producing pressure vessels

Pressure Vessels are storage containers that contain compressed units of gasses and fluids. Boilers and gas tanks are also different kinds of pressure vessels. These need to stand strong against various environmental factors. This is why, steel suppliers in Chennai supply plates of a particular grade that is durable against such factors. Using the wrong kind of steel plate can result in leaking or even an explosion.

Both the structural and physical features of steel plates make it an ideal product for being used in so many industries. These are particularly used in areas that manufacture applications with indestructible durability. Although it still hasn’t been used in a number of places, the steel plates have already proved their degree of versatility.