Learn To Identify The Quality Of Stainless Steel. Here Is A Guide For You.

February 19, 2023

As one of the most versatile fabrics, stainless steel is considered to be a lightweight, strong, and flexible steel type. Different manufacturers produce this steel type in several grades, and each one of them has specific characteristics.


Stainless steel is available in several types and is used for different projects since they are corrosion resistant, durable, and low maintenance. But, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right steel sheet while using it for the project. Therefore, here are some pointers that might help you choose the right stainless steel.


Pointers for choosing the right stainless steel from the best steel companies in India


No wonder every steel company serves the best stainless steel. But, how to find the one with the best quality? For this, you will have to check a few factors before buying steel from the best steel companies in India.


  1. The colour

Stainless steel has a clean silver colour which is almost white and very smooth. But, when there is a chromium-nickel coating, the colour turns slightly greenish. The chromium has a grey non-shiny surface. When it is combined with manganese nitrogen, it also develops a greenish surface but not as green as the chromium-nickel one. All the combinations of stainless steel, as guided by the pre-engineered building manufacturers in India, have a solid quality. Thus, before buying the right steel type, ask for certification regarding the colour coating.


  1. The magnet test

Different steel distributors in Chennai claim that alloys are mixed so that the steel can have a better performance. But people have developed this misconception that stainless steel is not attracted to magnets. But, this is not completely true. Stainless steel does attract magnets, especially the ones that contain chromium content. Although this does not show the authenticity of the material, it does give some idea about the quality.


  1. Testing the durability

For most kitchen suppliers, the best steel companies in India produce stainless steel products. This is because of their ability to change shape under pressure without bringing any change to the food colour or quality. To be precise, certain alkaline foods can taste metallic due to low-quality supplies. But when using stainless steel, one does not have to be worried about it. So, this is not only safe for your health but also makes the quality of the steel.


  1. Identifying using copper sulphate

An easy way to determine the quality of stainless steel is by having a copper sulphate test. This identifies the austenitic and ferritic steel and also whether it has a high manganese effect that can help the pre-engineered building manufacturers in India.

The easiest way to do this is to place a bottle of copper sulphate on the material. If the surface is of carbon steel, a layer of copper will develop on the surface. If it is stainless steel, there will be no change in the colour.


  1. Identifying using chemical qualitative method

This method identifies if the steel has magnetic stainless steel has nickel content in it. Steel distributors in Chennai may not always be true with the composition for their own benefit. Thus, to make sure yourself, dissolve the stainless steel pieces in king water, wash them with acid and clean water and finally neutralize it with ammonia. The following conclusions will prove its quality.

  • A red fluffy substance floating in the liquid indicates it contains nickel.
  • No ref fluffy substance floating in the water indicates no nickel content.

However, this process requires an induction tube and comprehensive testing. The above testing was a simple way to determine the alloy but did not give an overview of the specific content.


  1. Identifying using Annealing Method

The final way to identify the quality of stainless steel manufactured by the best steel companies in India is through the annealing method. This is a process where the material is heated so that it softens so that the properties can be reset. This is the last step before manufacturing a steel roll. This makes it easier to handle the material and increases the strength, durability, and minor temperature changes.


These were some of the professional ways of understanding the quality of stainless steel. But, for a simple test, you can add a tablespoon of baking soda to a stainless steel pan for a few minutes. If the water has a metallic taste, the steel is reactive and of lesser quality. Thus, it is important to choose the right steel type while buying stainless steel.