These Mechanical Properties Of Steel Make It A Valuable Metal

December 26, 2022

The mechanical properties of steel are important to learn the difference between having an efficient and long-term high-quality abrasive metal and a wear-intensive application metal that can even cause a catastrophic failure. For the ones who are buying steel from any steel dealer in India, learning about the properties and grades is essential.


Understanding steel properties and tips while buying from a steel dealer in India


The metal steel has various properties. These properties make steel one of the most reliable metals for being used in the construction process. In recent times, steel is used by pre-engineered building manufacturers in India to develop PEBs. The whole construction is based more on steel and less on other building materials like concrete.


Let’s learn about the different mechanical properties of steel.


Hardness: This property refers to the basic ability of the metal to undergo friction and abrasion. This indicates that steel is resistant to scratch, resistant to abrasion, and even resistant to localized plastic deformation. The hardness of the steel can be increased by giving it friction or erosion through steam, oil and water.


Toughness: This refers to the steel’s ability to absorb energy without any fracture or rupturing. This also reduces the chances of breakage when even there is high stress on the metal. The toughness of steel is measured in foot lbs. per square or joules per sq. centimetre.


Before buying steel from steel dealers in India, an individual must understand that hardness and toughness are two different properties of steel. A metal that can withstand high pressure and still stay up on its feet makes it tough but not hard.

Yield strength: While beginning the deformation of a building, a certain amount of force is required. This force is called yield strength.


Tensile strength: The amount of force that is required to break the metal is called tensile strength. In the lower end, the value of this strength is 250 N/mm2.  At the high end, this value is 500 N/mm2.


Elongation: This refers to the stretching and compression of steel till it completely breaks. This is the reason why pre-engineered building manufacturers in India use steel for developing buildings. The tensile strength is expressed as a percentage of length that is used to measure the difference between tensile strength and yield strength.


These properties make steel one of the most important materials to be used in building structures. Now, let’s learn about some tips that can help an individual buy steel from different steel dealers in India.


    • Experience: Even though one is fully aware of the different properties of steel, one must determine if the experience of these steel companies is enough. The experience should involve the grades of sheet plates and other steel structures like merchant bars, beams, angles, etc.
    • Business ratings: How a company is running can be checked easily through the reviews given by different buyers. This helps to give a clear picture of the best steel companies in India. One can even check out the references and testimonials to know about the different goods and services that are provided by the company.
    • History: Individuals must always look out for such features as the number of years it has been active, how long has the company interacted with customers, how long the structures lasted that have used the company’s products and also how many clients have the company supplied.
    • Consistent quality: It is the responsibility of the best steel companies in India to ensure that the quality of their products is maintained. Thus, before going to buy steel products, check the consistency in the quality and its improvement.


Every property of the steel is based on the alloys or the metals that are melted and mixed together and the heating treatment to develop steel.


No steel can be made or changed without a sufficient amount of carbon content. The level of hardness can be increased by tempering the steel (re-heating the steel to a certain temperature and then re-quenching it in water or oil to lower the temperature). Since there are different types of steel, an individual must always buy the one that suits their requirement.