Did You Know About The Uses Of MS Plates? Know About Them From The Mild Steel Plate Suppliers.

June 16, 2023

Mild steel is among the best steel types that can be used for the most number of applications. Its properties make it highly popular in the steel industry. The plates and angles of mild steel are used in several industries like buildings, bridges, and railways.


Besides this, they are also used in engineering and shipbuilding. Due to their resistance to saltwater, these are perfect for being used in the applications that will be used in the sea. Due to their suitable construction structures, they are used by several manufacturing units for producing even more durable items.


Check out the top 6 uses of MS plates from the mild steel plate suppliers


Here is a list of the different applications of MS plates as stated by the mild steel plate suppliers. Let’s take a look at all these uses.


  1. Shipbuilding

One of the biggest areas where we find MS plates is in the shipbuilding process. Items like the hull of the ship, decks, bulkheads, etc; all are made out of mild steel. These different mild steel products are used in shipbuilding due to their weldability and resistance against corrosion, heat, and salt water. Apart from this, it has a rectangular shape that makes it perfect for being used in construction projects.

  1. Construction of buildings

Apart from being used in the shipbuilding process, mild steel plates are also used for the construction of different buildings and bridges. The pre-engineered building companies use them for the fabrication of bridges, railways, and other infrastructural projects.

One of the prime reasons for using them in so many areas is due to its cost-effectiveness. The mild steel plate suppliers claim that the materials that are used to produce this steel type are easily available. This explains their demand in the field.

  1. Storage tanks

Apart from being used in ships and buildings, these are also used for the production and manufacturing of tanks that are used for storage purposes. Different steel manufacturers in India use MS plates in different industries like chemical plants, treatment facilities, and oil refineries. Their strength and durability are among the most important reasons why they are used in the field.

  1. Automotive

The mild steel plate suppliers provide MS plates to different automobile manufacturing units. These have an ultra-modern manufacturing strategy that allows them to gather more strength. Also, these can be cut into a desirable shape. For this reason, they are used in the automobile industry.

Due to these different advantages of mild steel, these are used for producing brackets, body panels, chassis, etc. Since the automobile industry requires something that is durable and long-lasting, they choose mild steel to meet their desire.

  1. Fabricating general engineering

These plates are used by the best steel companies in India for the fabrication of different items. Their weldability allows them to be cut into different shapes or bent as per the desired look. Such a property makes it an attractive material that can be used in different locations.

Even for storage racks and shelves, these are ideal materials. For railways and other locations, constructors use MS chequered plates for the flooring due to their anti-grip motion. These increase friction, prohibiting slippage.

  1. Industrial machinery

The best steel trading companies in India use MS plates in industrial machinery. Different components like the girders, beams, and columns; all are made up of this steel type. In fact, it can also be considered as one of the backbones of several structures like bridges, buildings, and flyovers.


Most of the MS plates are quality checked by the best professionals before they are used by the pre-engineered building manufacturers in India. These are fabricated material that is used for the construction of several objects. It uses normally inspected quality frameworks and is freely authorized due to its properties.


These were some of the most important uses of MS plates. However, before you choose a supplier, make sure he provides the right quality of product. These materials should not only be durable but should also fulfill the right quality standards. You can visit the best steel facilities to buy the best MS steel.