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May 16, 2023

Considering their versatility, the flat bars are highly useful for most applications; especially if they are made of mild steel. Out of the three different categories of steel, mild steel is the most preferable one, due to the presence of carbon. This makes it easy to be used for different structural applications like manufacturing, fabrication, and construction. Besides, these are highly durable and strong and have a greatly extended lifespan.


The MS flat steel, in particular, is a thin rectangular-shaped steel having square edges. This steel is not only cost-effective but also recyclable. The thickness of these strips ranges from around 12mm-100mm. Based on the application, each of these strips is used. Further, the shape of the flat bars also makes them ideal for being used in different industries.


Check out the benefits of MS flat steel in Chennai


These bars specialize in the manufacturing of industrial gratings. There are specialized tools that help in the cutting of this particular bar. For smaller pieces, a hackshaw should be enough. However, if you want to cut larger pieces, an angle grinder having a metal-cutting attachment should do the needful. It will cut off the bar, clean and smooth, and with the least effort. This is one of the greatest advantages of MS flat steel in Chennai.


Having a desirable wielding power makes it good for many projects. Besides this, the pre-engineered building manufacturers in India use this steel due to its strength and ability to resist corrosion, such features make the steel cost-effective and save a lot of money while buying frames, gates for buildings and furniture.


Uses of flat steel bars by pre-engineered building manufacturers in India


These highly useful steel bars cannot be deprived of being used in applications. Thus, here is a list of some of the applications where flat steel, produced by the best steel companies in India is used.


  1. Product Manufacturing

One of the greatest uses of MS flat steel in Chennai is for the manufacturing of products. The flexibility of the material allows it to be transformed into different applications or used for producing various products, mostly tools and other equipment.


  1. Production of furniture

The pre-engineered building manufacturers in India use MS flat steel for furniture making, especially for PEB buildings. The legs, frame, and other items, all are made from this metal. The different items that were made from wood and rubber are now changed to steel due to their availability and reliability.


  1. Manufacturing of agriculture tools

One of the unique components of MS flat steel in Chennai is that it is used in the production of agricultural tools. Gates, fences, plows, harrows, cultivators, etc; all are made from this material. An advantage of using them in this industry is that they do not rust easily.


  1. Fabricating and constructing products

The best steel companies in India ensure that the products are made from the right material and are of the perfect durability. This feeling is provided by the MS flat steel. By being used in the constructions, this material proves itself. The door and window frames, all are made from this material, also due to their aesthetic appearance.

Besides this, they are used in the construction of buildings and bridges. These are even used to make tools for cutting and welding.


  1. Usage in the automobile industry

In present times, the largest industry that uses steel is the automobile industry. From the outer to the inner parts of a car, all are made up of steel. These have a long lifespan, which is the reason why they are used in fabrication work.

Flat steel produces a lot of items, starting with body panels, chassis, and other structures of car and truck trailers. They are even used to make the hull and deck of ships.

The flexibility of the steel has allowed it to be used in so many applications. Even for appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, etc, one can find flat steel bars being used. The biggest reason for using them in so many applications is that they can protect what’s within from any sort of outside harm.