Why Is Heat Treatment Important In The Manufacturing Of The Steel? Find It Out Here.

May 19, 2023

Treating steel with heat is one of the oldest processes. In the 15th century, this technology received a breakthrough after waterpower was used to pump air into the bloomery furnaces. The temperature at that time was more than 1200 degrees C causing the production of a liquid that was rich in carbon. It came to be known as cast iron and was found laying the groundwork for a modern world. It followed a carburization process whereby the iron content was increased to turn it into steel.

In recent times, this heat treatment involves heating and cooling cycles, using a plethora for desired mechanical properties and for enhancing durability, ductility, quality, and versatility. In short, heat treatment has a big role to play in the production and manufacturing of steel.

Learn about the benefits of heat treatment of steel from the best steel companies in India

The term ‘Heat treating’ refers to a thermal process being carried out on a particular material and not specifically steel. The process is used to modify or improve the properties of the particular application. Sometimes, this process is also used to give them their final properties as well.

According to the best steel companies in India, there are different benefits of heat treatment. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Offers a structural transformation

One of the biggest benefits of heat treatment is that it causes a structural transformation within the microstructure of the steel. The treatment changes the duration of the heating and cooling and causes an internal arrangement of atoms by carefully controlling the temperature. This way, the steel is altered. Such a process is known as phase transformation.

Different manufacturers before transferring the steel to the steel dealers in India ensure that the crystalline structure is changed which thereby causes a change in the microstructural properties. Once the product is formed, it is undergone a heat treatment that follows a series of steps like annealing, quenching, tempering, and normalizing, to meet the specific requirements of the application.

  1. Improving Mechanical Properties

Besides causing a change in the structural properties of steel, heat treatment also causes a few mechanical properties. The steel trading companies in India deal with steel applications based on their mechanical property. This is because mechanical properties are the only way of determining a material’s response to an external force.

Such treatment causes a change in the properties of steel, increasing its hardness and enhancing its other properties like toughness and ductility. Such properties are important for the production of tools, gears, and other machine components.

  1. Providing Dimensional Stability

The steel dealers in India during the manufacturing of steel have found the development of internal stress which can weaken the structure from within. This is due to uneven forging, welding, and cooling habits. To overcome this, heat treatment is provided to the steel for relieving the stress, provide dimensional stability, and allow the steel to relax.

The best steel companies in India use this process during the production of steel so that the deformation is minimized and the steel is retained in its required shape. Heating the steel for a required period of time is enough to release the stress of the metal.

  1. Increased resistance to corrosion

The material is often exposed to harsh environments. Thus, there is always a chance for the metal to get corroded easily. But, thanks to the heat treatment, the lifespan and corrosion resistance can be enhanced.

The steel trading companies in India use heat treatment on the surface of the steel. This hardens the layer and makes it resistant to corrosion. Other processes like carburizing and nitriding give additional protection to the layers of steel.

  1. Refining the grain structure

The increased number of grains in the steel reduces its strength and toughness. This is why, the best steel companies in India expose their steel to heat treatment to turn the uneven grains into uniform shapes.

The finer the grains are, the more strong is the steel application. High strength and improved resistance are a must for a few applications like structural components and automobile parts.

In short, heat treatment is an indispensable process in the manufacturing of steel and continues to be so in the years to come. However, the manufacturer should be in good control of the temperature so that it is not too much for the metal.