You Need To Check Out This Guide On Different Kinds Of Steel Plates Used In Construction

July 14, 2022

In the construction sector a variety of steel products are used for different applications. One of the most commonly used variants would be the steel plates. The steel plates are used widely and these are thick slabs which are cut according to the specific requirements of the project.  These steel plates are basically several layers of steel that are compressed together and the plates produced this way contain the superior strength to support massive structures. Steel plates such as a pm plate, offers strength and support to the foundation of any structure. Different kinds of steel plates are used in the construction, before procuring any it is best to learn about them.

What are the different kinds of steel plates used in construction?

The steel plates are used extensively in the field of construction, and the reason being that these plates have immense strength, and these also have the corrosion-resistance, and abrasion resistance property. These plates can withstand huge loads and are ideal for specific applications. Now let’s take a look at the variants that are commonly used.

Checkered Plates:

One of the most common variants out there would be the checkered plates. These plates are usually needed for flooring purposes, however, there are other specific applications of these plates as well. These particular plates are high-quality plates and they have a pattern on the surface which is raised, due to the presence of the pattern these have derived the name ‘Checkered Plates’.

The pattern enables the plates to have a firmer grip, therefore, the chances of skidding, or, slippage is less when these plates are used for flooring. One of the unique benefits of these plates is that, they are machinable and therefore, could be shaped according to different requirements. These plates are also aesthetically pleasing, so, could be used for the manufacturing of tool boxes as well. It is wise to buy from reputed brands, and if you are buying from SAIL for example, you should check the SAIL Chequered Plate weight chart before buying, to be sure that you are getting the right sized plates.

Mild Steel Plates:

The mild steel plates are also used widely in the construction sector, and these are also the most commonly used products. The mild steel plates are also used in the industrial sector as well. There are many beneficial properties of the mild steel which make these plates ideal for several applications. The mild steel plates could be used for the roofing purposes, and also for other building purposes.

The plates are not only strong, but these also come in different grades and therefore, these plates could be chosen according to different specifications as indicated by the grades. The mild steel plates also have the quality of weldability which makes them ideal for different projects where these plates need to be cut into different shapes. However, if you are getting these plates then approach the top mild steel plate suppliers, as they can supply you with only high quality products.

Galvanized Sheets:

The galvanized sheets are also quite popular in the construction sector. The galvanized sheets are basically manufactured by applying the zinc coating on the steel, and this step ensures that the sheets stay rust-free. When a steel product comes into contact with the moisture in the air, or, with water, the chance of developing rust is pretty high. The presence of rust would only weaken the steel product from within, and it would lead to the structure being affected by this. Whether you are getting a pm plate, or, some other variant, you should consider paying attention to the properties the specific product has. The galvanized sheets are basically used for balconies, staircases, for railings, etc. Just the way you would check the SAIL Chequered Plate weight chart while getting chequered plates, you should also be aware of the specifications of the specific variant before placing an order.

HR plates:

The hr plates are also quite popular for their unique set of properties. The plates undergo a special manufacturing process and that allows them to develop specific properties. The hr steel is rolled at a very high temperature which is above the recrystallization temperature. The hot rolled plates come in different dimensions and these could easily be shaped because it has the weldability property. Furthermore, the temperature variations are better tolerated by the hot rolled plates. However, to ensure that you are getting the right products you should consider getting these plates from the leading mild steel plate suppliers.

These are basically some of the common types of steel plates that could be found. Each plate comes in different grades, and has specific properties. Therefore, while procuring these plates one has to be careful regarding their requirements. Whether you procure pm plate or, some other variation, you need to approach only the best brands and do not compromise on quality.