Why The TMT Bars Are Selected According to Their Grades? Here’s a Guide

June 28, 2022

The TMT bars are one of the most sought-after construction materials out there. Due to the strength and durability the TMT bars have, they are considered to be the sturdiest components of any construction, be it residential, commercial, or, otherwise. The TMT bars have corrosion-resistance properties, fire-resistance properties, and these are also flexible. These bars are a must for construction projects taking place in an earthquake prone zone. However, the TMT bars come in different grades and they are selected according to the grades, as you learn about the TMT steel price in Tamilnadu, you should also learn about the grades as well. Before you reach out to the TMT bar dealers you should learn about why these bars are selected according to grades and what to expect from each grade.

What are the different TMT bar grades?

The TMT bar manufacturers offer four different grades of TMT bars and they indicate varying levels of strength. The grades are as follows-

  • Fe-415
  • Fe-500
  • Fe-550
  • Fe-600

Before you select a TMT bar grade, you must learn about it thoroughly to be sure that you are selecting the right TMT bar for your project.  Steel products have different grades and being aware of them is a requirement you should not ignore, for example if you are getting hr sheets then learn about the hr sheet grades too. The lower grade bars do not have much strength and rigidity, on the other hand the higher the grade the greater the strength and rigidity to be expected. While the lower graded TMT bars are ideal for construction projects that are low scale and do not require much strength, the higher graded TMT bars on the other hand would be perfect for the high-scale projects that require greater strength and rigidity. Now let’s find out about different TMT bar grades.

Fe 415:

The TMT bars are used for the residential construction projects as well. The Fe 415 grade would be absolutely ideal for the residential projects. Despite the grade being low the TMT bars have the ductility and elongation property, and therefore these could easily fit the requirements of the small-scale construction projects. Furthermore, these are also ideal for being used for decorative purposes, and these could be bent accordingly. Things will be much simpler when you use the perfect grade of the TMT bar. Talk to the best steel companies in India regarding your project to know which grade would be perfect.

Fe 500:

This grade is higher than the previous one we just discussed and the TMT bars belonging to this particular grade would be higher in strength. These TMT bars are ideal choices for different types of construction and in fact, this particular grade is considered to be the standard TMT bar grade in the market. These bars have greater tensile strength and ductility and could be used for high-rises. On the other hand, these are also great for commercial construction purposes. In fact, areas which are prone to experiencing high seismic activities this grade is ideal for those areas. While learning about hr sheet grades find out which projects they are suitable for.

Fe 550:

The next grade that you should learn about would be the Fe 550 grade, and it is needless to point out that the TMT bars of this particular grade would be higher on strength, than the previous grades that have been discussed so far. Having higher strength means these TMT bars are absolutely ideal for the big infrastructure projects. For the construction of the bridges, plants, the Fe 550 grade would be perfect. These particular constructions demand TMT bars with high load bearing capacity. Due to these bars having the rust resistance properties these are also used in the underground and marine areas. Quality is important and therefore, you should get your TMT bars from the best steel companies in India.

Fe 600:

The highest grade of TMT bars that are available in the market would be the Fe 600. The TMT bars belonging to this grade are the strongest in the market and these also possess corrosion-resistance property. Talk to your dealer to learn whether he has this grade or, not and also ask about the latest TMT steel price in Tamilnadu. Therefore, these bars are just perfect for the biggest infrastructure projects such as the bridges, docs, and expressways where heavy load bearing capability is a must. The Fe 600 TMT bars have the tensile strength, durability, and also the corrosion-resistance property to offer the right support to these constructions.

The TMT bar grades do define the level of strength, and properties the bars have. Different grades of TMT bars are perfect for different projects; therefore, it is important to learn about these grades before procuring them for your project. Making an informed decision is important. Get the right grade and also learn about the latest TMT steel price in Tamilnadu to get the best deal.