Branded TMT Bars Are A Must For Construction Projects Taking Place In An Earthquake-Prone Zone. Here’s Why?

July 14, 2022

Having access to the best quality construction materials is a necessity for ensuring the safety and longevity of the construction. Using high-quality building materials is significant, and especially when a construction project takes place in an earthquake-prone zone, care must be taken to select materials that will make the construction sturdy enough to withstand the shockwaves of the earthquake. The branded TMT bars would be therefore are a must for such construction projects.  Here are the reasons why the TMT bars are such an invaluable component of a construction project in an earthquake-prone zone. Check these out and approach the best steel companies in India to get your hands on the best quality TMT bars.

Why branded TMT bars are required for an earthquake-prone zone?

The TMT bars are ductile:

When it comes to the branded TMT bars you should expect only the best properties. These bars possess the property of ductility and this is one quality that is required to make the buildings sturdy. During an earthquake a structure would be subjected to shockwaves, and the intensity of that would be severe on the structure. When ordinary bars are used, the structure would develop cracks and that would be fatal for it as it would collapse. Therefore, the branded TMT bars are required because of the fact that the bars are ductile and therefore, they would bend when exposed to the pressure but would not develop cracks or, would not break. The manufacturing process allows the bars to be flexible. The brands ensure that the bars are high-quality. Whether you are getting TMT bars or, pm plate you should always get branded products.

The TMT bars come in grades:

The branded TMT bars come in different grades.  There are 4 different grades that are Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600. The grades are the indicators of the strength and rigidity of the TMT bars, and the higher the grade the better the strength and rigidity of the TMT bars that would be chosen for the different projects. The higher grades which are the Fe-550, and Fe-600 are ideal as these have the higher tensile strength, and are used for massive construction projects. The strength of these bars indicates they can bear heavy load without cracking. Therefore, these bars are perfect for keeping the structures stronger even in the event of a natural calamity like an earthquake. While getting the TMT bars always check their grades, and even when you are getting HR sheets you should also check hr sheet grades.

Strength and flexibility:

The branded TMT bars have strength and, these bars are also flexible. Due to the advanced manufacturing process these bars go through, they have a soft ferrite-pearlite inner core and a harder outer surface, this combination makes the branded TMT bars the most formidable choice for the builders. When these bars are exposed to the earthquake, the bars can bend without developing any cracks despite the pressure and the harder outer surface allows the building to stay put. The flexibility of the bars makes it easy for the building to stand firm despite the shock waves. This feature of the branded TMT bars makes them an ideal choice. Steel products including pm plate should always be procured from the top brands only.

TMT bars have bonding strength:

The columns and pillars in any construction play the most important function of supporting the structure. Therefore, these components need to be strongly built and for that the bars need to bond with concrete. The ordinary bars do not bond well with concrete and the rate of slippage is quite high. However, when you invest in the branded TMT bars from the best steel companies in India you can expect better results. The TMT bars come with ribs which allow them to hold the concrete better and since these bars have a higher bonding strength, these bars bond better with concrete and the slippage rate is low. This will help the columns be stronger. During the shockwaves the columns when exposed to the shock will stay strong. Unlike the ordinary bars the ribbed TMT bars will experience no slippage of the concrete and thereby would ensure that the building stays sturdy. Learning about properties of the steel products that you are procuring will help you make an informed decision; if you are getting hr sheets then you can choose the right hr sheet grades because you are aware of the properties of each grade.

The TMT bars are corrosion-resistant:

Another big reason to invest in the branded TMT bars would be the fact that the bars are corrosion-resistant. The ordinary bars when exposed to the moisture would develop rust and eventually that would hamper the structure. The ordinary bars when they develop rust they become weak, and in turn the internal structure of the building gets weak as well. When such structures are exposed to the earthquake shockwaves, being already weak these would crumble to the ground. The branded TMT bars on the other hand have the corrosion-resistant property which is why the TMT bars would not develop rust despite being exposed to humid weather condition. The structures therefore, would stay strong internally and would not break during earthquake.

The above-mentioned reasons do justify the application of branded TMT bars in the earthquake prone zone. These bars have beneficial properties and they make the structures strong enough to withstand earthquake and other natural disasters. Make the right choice and be ready to invest in the branded TMT bars from the best steel companies in India.