Find Out About The Different Types And Uses Of Carbon Steel You Didn’t Know About.

February 26, 2023

While talking about steel types we often come across a steel type known as carbon steel. As the name indicates, this steel type has only carbon as its main element (>0.02% and <2.0%). This material has the highest input and is in association with other components known as alloy steel.

This carbon is still used mostly due to its mechanical properties. The steel has high strength, wear resistance, and hardness. This is the reason why it is used for making cutting tools, cables, piano wires, etc. The greater the amount of carbon content in the steel, the stronger the material. In total there are three types of carbon steel-low carbon steel, mild carbon steel, and high carbon steel. Let’s take a deeper look at them.

How do the best steel companies in India define the different types of carbon steel? Let’s find out


The different types of carbon steels, according to the best steel companies in India are formed due to the amount of carbon content that is present in each steel type. This specific carbon content makes them perfect for being used in several applications.

  1. Low Carbon

Popularly known as mild steel, low carbon is the cheapest option when comparing its value. But, this does not make the steel type any less valuable. Mild steel plate suppliers deal with this steel type due to its excellent properties. Not only is the steel cheap but also highly flexible. Thus, molding it into various applications is never a problem.

This steel type is manufactured in the form of sheets, screws, and reinforcement bars. More frequently, they are used in the kitchen for cookware essentials in the form of stainless steel. It might have low carbon content (0.05%-0.25%), but it can still withstand heavy pressure. The surface of this steel type can be hardened through carburizing, thus making it more resistant to abrasion.

  1. Medium Carbon

This steel type does not have as low carbon content as mild steel (0.31% to 0.60%). These are not as flexible as mild steel but are harder in terms of strength. There are several uses for this steel type as well. It is used mostly for car parts due to its wear resistance.

Other alloys that are used in medium carbon steel include chromium, nickel, molybdenum, etc. The best steel companies in India use to add these to the steel type to make it resistant to stress and withstand great wear and tear.  If steel needs more hardening, it can be heated till it reaches a certain temperature, and then soaked and cooled down.

  1. High Carbon

This is the strongest steel type among all, only due to the high carbon content in it. The carbon content lies between 0.60% and 1.4%. Other elements like chromium and magnesium are added before they are transported by steel distributors in Chennai. The elements are added to the steel type to make it free of corrosion and extra heat treatment is provided to increase its hardness.

But, an important factor that must be kept in mind is that a greater amount of heat treatment can make the carbon steel brittle which can lead to cracking even if low pressure is applied For example, a steel 52100 steel used mostly for linear shafting has a very hard exterior while the inside remains soft so that the steel does not become brittle on the inside

Different uses of carbon steel in various applications


There is always a demand for steel from the best steel companies in India since it is the most used material in today’s time. Here are some of the basic uses of every steel type.

  1. Low Carbon steel uses:

  • Flat-rolled sheets and strips

  • Shipbuilding, wires, and vehicle bodies

  • Domestic appliances

  • Fabrication and paneling since it is not possible to alter it by heat treatment

  1. Medium carbon steel uses:

  • Buildings and bridges

  • Axles, gears, and shafts

  • Rails and water pipelines

The mild steel plate suppliers also use this steel type for applications like fridges and washing machines.

  1. High carbon steel uses:

  • Cuttings tools

  • Blades and punches

  • High-strength wire

The steel distributors in Chennai supply ultra-high carbon steel to factories that produce blades, cutting tools, large machine parts, and hot water radiators. While choosing a steel type, it is important to understand the exact needs of making a product. Once done, an individual can select the right steel type for completing the work.