Why Is HR Coil In High Demand In The Market?

February 6, 2023

HR coils, also known as hot rolled coils, are one of the most commonly used steel products in various industries such as construction and manufacturing. It forms the base coil for most steel coils like the galvanized and coated coil. There are several benefits of the HR coil that has brought it into such high demand in the market.

The HR coil manufacturer in India often finds it difficult to determine the size of the HR coil since there is no definite measurement for its shrinkage. Further, the versatility of the product has been drawing a large number of customers.

Production of HR coil by HR coil manufacturers in India


The production of the HR coil undergoes three different procedures. These are:

  1. Heating stage:

The process begins with heating a steel slab at a temperature of 2300 degrees Fahrenheit in a furnace. This heating dissolves all compounds of carbon and nitrates present in the steel, affecting its properties. This, in turn, makes the metal more malleable and easy to roll.

The best steel companies in India manufacture the HR coil with caution so that there are no casualties. After taking out the steel from the furnace, it is then transferred to the rolling mills where it reacts with oxygen, forming a flaky scale of iron oxides.

But, this step degrades the quality of the steel. To bring back its quality, the product is sent to the mill scale where it is sprayed and cleansed with high-pressure water to remove the unwanted scale.

  1. Rolling stage:

Following this, the cleansed steel is sent through a series of rollers. These rollers consist of four to five sets of rollers which reduces their thickness to 1/10 of its actual thickness. A similar vertical pressure is applied to ensure that the width is under control. While the steel is still hot, it is passed into the set of rollers where they get winded into coils.

  1. Cooling stage:

This is the final step of the manufacturing process of the HR coil. The flat-rolled steel is allowed to cool at room temperature after being passed through the cooling sprays for obtaining the final product. The HR coil is now ready to be delivered to customers by steel suppliers in Chennai.

However, most manufacturing units conduct a treatment called pickling where the HR coil undergoes a process of removing impurities and organic contaminations by passing through an acidic solution. This helps to remove any kind of surface oxide and makes the metal surface of the coil corrosion-resistant.

Benefits of HR coil


Given below is a list of the benefits of HR coil. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Excellent weldability

According to HR coil manufacturers in India, due to the reduced carbon content in the HR coil, it can be easily welded. This feature makes it perfect for being used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and infrastructure projects, as the manufacturing of automotive parts and appliances.

  1. Versatile

The HR coil is cheap and versatile and is thus essential for the construction of civil engineering, and mechanical equipment structures. The best steel companies in India ensure that the product has all the features like heat condition, freezing, structure with pressure resistance, and amazing mechanical properties.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

One of the key reasons for the growing demand for HR coils in the market is their cost-effectiveness. They are less expensive than other types of steel products, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to save on costs while still getting a high-quality product.

  1. Corrosion resistant

They are highly resistant to corrosion and wear and tear which adds to their longevity and reliability. After undergoing the process of Pickling, any amount of surface oxide present is removed making it resistant to rusting.

Applications of HR coil


HR coil manufacturers in India produce HR coil to be used in the following areas.

  • It is used as commercial steel (commercial tubes, general fabrications, and corrugated steel).

  • It is used as a structural steel for the electrical industry.

  • The HR coil is also used for sour and non-sour applications in oil and gas and water pipelines.

  • It is used in gas cylinders and presser vessel tanks

  • The HR coil is also used in Anti-slip Applications like the floor in the chequered form.

What determines the growth of HR coil in the market?


Growing Automotive Industry

A big contribution that HR coils have provided to the market is its increased use in the automobile industry. As the automotive industry continues to expand, the demand for HR coils keeps on increasing, and is used for the production of various automotive parts, such as body panels and frames.

Increasing Demand for Steel

The demand for steel products, including HR coils, is best known by steel suppliers in Chennai. With the rise in the infrastructure projects, such as the construction of new buildings, bridges, and roads, the demand for HR coils continues to grow in recent years.

Thus, with the increase in the growth of manufacturing industries, the demand for HR coils keeps on growing. The cost-efficiency and malleability of this product keep up its requirement in the industry.