What Are The Advantages Of Using Structural Steel In Construction? Check Them Out Here.

December 10, 2022

Among the different categories of steel that are used for different purposes, the most common type of steel is structural steel. This steel type is mostly used in the construction and building of different projects. It is a carbon steel that has about 2.1% of carbon content. Due to this reason,the steel type consists of great strength and high ductility. Further, the steel dealers in India deal with different shapes of structural steel, starting with 1-beam, z-shape, angle, tee, bar and rod.


Due to its enhanced iron and carbon compound mixed alloy, structural steel is perfect for supporting plates and bolt joints. It has a crystalline structure that joins the framework with great strength and develops the ‘skeleton’ of the building.


Why do steel dealers in India deal with structural steel?


Owning to its components and benefits, structural steel is quite popular among steel dealers in India. Here are the top benefits of using structural steel in construction.

  1. Strength: Structural steel can be molded into different structures. This makes it a very sound material to be used in the construction process. Further it is derived from an array of constituents that includes the chemical makeup, manufacturing process and heat treatment. It is important to buy structural steel from best steel companies in India because of the iron content. The steel can be immensely strong only with the addition of iron, followed by various elements like manganese and niobium.

  2. Cost effectiveness: One of the most cost-effective ways of construction is to use structural steel while making buildings. Most steel dealers in India deal in this steel due to its low cost base material. Thus, the amount required to produce one tonne of steel is significantly less.

  3. Versatility: Architects and designers find it easier to use such structural steel due to its creativity and degree of expression. Currently, they have also started to provide an aesthetic makeup to the structure. Steel can be shaped and fashioned according to one’s own need. Thus, the non-linear designs will be a lot benefitted by its use.

The flexibility of structural steel helps in maximizing space in a structure because it requires very less room compared to other materials like concrete. The structure can be altered according to the required circumstances. Along with this, the framed buildings can be upgraded and facades and new architectural structures can be added easily.

  1. Sustainability:The energy consumption in manufacturing this metal has been decreased in the past 30 years due to the upgraded technology. The best steel companies in India are well-aware about the structural steel as one of the most sustainable materials. Even after recycling the steel, its quality remains the same, making it reusable and still having the same durability.Also it isnot prone to pests like termites and molds.

  2. Fire resistant: Almost every steel supplier in Chennai deal with structural steel due to its resistance from fire. However, the metal is likely to melt when heated at a very high temperature. The temperature at which the structural steel can no longer hold the structure is called ‘Critical Temperature’. This steel type often undergoes a ‘fire rest’ where the metal is heated to check this resistance.

  3. Susceptible to different elements: Steel suppliers in Chennai are highly benefitted from structural steel due to its resistance from different elements. For example, wood is sensitive to molds that thrive in moist and porous environment. But steel, is not at all affected by any kind of termites and other pests or do not have any chance of rotting.

These were the top 6 advantages of using structural steel in construction. Its composition makes it perfect for using in different structures like:

  • Steel staircase
  • Steel decking
  • Steel mezzanines
  • Custom steel frames
  • Steel handrails
  • Steel walkways and platforms
  • Steel balustrades

Before one can buy structural steel, it is important to learn about all the aspects of it. Just buying a good quality steel is not enough. It should also solve the purpose for which it is bought. The ductility of the structural steel, its shape, thickness and the size can be customized and manufactured for every building.