These 5 Steel Types Are In Great Demand In The Construction Sector: Learn Why

November 15, 2022

Steel is undoubtedly a popular metal in the field of construction due to having high tensile strength, durability, and other properties. There are different types of steel products such as steel plates, bars, beams, that are used for both residential and commercial construction projects. The steel is also available in different varieties, and some of these varieties are in great demand in the construction field.   The project itself would decide what kind of steel products, or, steel variant would be required. Here’s a guide on the steel variants that are in demand in the construction sector, let’s check out what these are here. Always buy the steel products from the leading steel distributors in Chennai to ensure that you are investing in high-quality steel for construction.

 Which 5 steel types are mostly used in the construction sector?

Among the steel varieties available in the market, there are a couple of steel variants that have the properties ideal for the construction sector. We are discussing 5 such variants here. Let’s learn what these steel types are.

  1. Steel rebar:

The first variant that we are going to be discussing is rebar steel. The steel rebars are basically carbon steel, and it is also known as reinforcing steel. These steel bars or, rods are used for constructing the masonry structures, RCC structures that require hot-rolled steel bars mostly. Now the steel rebars are required for these specific structures because of the immense strength they provide. When these rebars are used for the RCC structures, they bond well with concrete and lend the strength to the whole structure, and these structures remain strong despite being subjected to heavy loads. The steel rebars not only are known for the tensile strength, but are also known for the durability. However, before procuring rebar steel from the steel suppliers in Chennai, you must learn about the different grades these bars are available in. Depending upon the specific requirement of your project, you should select the right grade.

  1. Structural Steel:

The next variant on our list is structural steel, which is also a commonly used steel variant in the field of construction. The structural steel provides the base for a construction, and this particular steel variant can also be customized. For particular construction projects there is a requirement for particular shapes like I-Beams, for example; the structural steel could be shaped according to the specific requirement and that is one of the advantages to be expected.  From small construction projects to massive projects like high rise buildings, the structural steel would be absolutely perfect. As you reach out to the steel dealers in Chennai, they will guide you regarding the selection process. The structural steel being corrosion-resistance is an ideal choice for projects taking place in the humid areas. It has weldability, and it is also an affordable choice as compared to the other variants. Furthermore, this particular steel would be good for the environment as it could be recycled.

  1. Mild Steel:

The next in-demand steel in the construction sector would be mild steel or, ms steel. To ensure that you are getting the best ms steel you have to reach out to the leading steel distributors in Chennai. This particular steel type is also known for its strength, and this is used for not only the regular construction projects, but also for pre-engineered buildings as well. This particular steel variant has tensile strength and also has flexibility. Especially in the earthquake prone zones the mild steel could be a great choice, because being flexible it would not break or, develop cracks when subjected to pressure. This makes them the perfect choice for construction projects. The mild steel is also affordable, and therefore, would be perfect for the construction projects.

  1. Alloy Steel:

The alloy steel happens to be the next steel variant on our list that is commonly used in the construction sector. The alloy steel as the name suggests is produced by combining carbon steel with metals like nickel, manganese, aluminum, etc. The reason behind this alloying process is to produce steel that has not only high tensile strength, but also good properties including machinability, malleability, corrosion-resistance etc. The alloy steel that you procure from the top steel dealers in Chennai, is also corrosion resistant and tougher. Therefore, this is ideal for massive construction projects such as the bridges as well. This steel can be used for aesthetic purposes as well.

  1. Tool steel:

The last but not the least on this list would be tool steel. The tool steel is basically used in the projects for the tool manufacturing purposes. If we are talking about strength then tool steel is most definitely high in strength, and even when it is subjected to high temperatures it would never lose its shape. Furthermore, it also has beneficial properties like abrasion-resistance which is a big requirement in the construction industry. The quality of the steel product matters to a great degree for making a construction absolutely strong, and that is the reason why only the best steel distributors in Chennai should be approached for buying steel products.


Those were the 5 in-demand steel types that are used in the construction sector. It is essential to be aware of these steel variants and their properties so that the right selection could be made. On the other hand you should learn about the different grades before you reach out to the steel suppliers in Chennai, so that you can select the right product.