Which Sectors Cannot Do Without Steel? Here’s a List

August 26, 2022

When it comes to metals, steel happens to be one of the versatile options out there that has many beneficial properties. Steel not only has tensile strength, but it also comes with other properties like flexibility, ductility, anti-corrosive property, durability, yield strength, elongation, that make steel an ideal choice for a diverse range of applications. A huge number of steel products are also used such as steel plates, steel sheets, steel bars, pm plate, and also steel wires. Steel has many variants including alloy steel, carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel, etc, and all of these variants are in big demand across sectors.  Here is a list of the sectors that cannot do without steel, let’s take a look.

Which sectors cannot do without steel?

Here are some sectors that use different steel variants extensively.


It is one of the primary sectors that utilize steel the most. From steel bars to the steel plates, the construction sector consumes steel extensively as the steel happens to be one of the most commonly used construction materials. The reason behind the popularity of steel in the construction sector is steel’s tensile strength, which lends strength to a construction and makes the construction durable. The TMT steel bars are ductile, and are perfect for the constructions taking place in the earthquake-prone zones. These allow the buildings to stay resilient despite being subjected to pressure or, shockwaves. Steel products also have anticorrosive property which ensures that the bars do not develop any rust and does not develop any cracks. From residential construction to massive infrastructure projects, steel is commonly used. However, while buying any steel product reach out to the best dealers. If you are buying ms pipes then get them from the best ms pipe dealers in Chennai.


Automotive is another sector that consumes steel to a great degree right after construction. Steel sheets and other steel products are used for the automobile manufacturing process, and almost 70% of an automobile is basically iron and steel. The automobile vehicle frame is basically made from steel sheet, and other parts of it like the hood, bumpers, fuel tanks, engine parts are also made using steel. The steel is preferred as it lends the strength and durability to the automobile and keeps it protected.  Along with there being its unique properties, the steel products such as pm plate are very affordable as well and therefore are widely opted for. While buying any steel product, one needs to be aware of the specifications. If you are getting MS chequered plate, then use the MS chequered plate weight calculator to get the right products.

The manufacturing sector:

One of the biggest sectors that use steel would be the manufacturing sector. In this sector steel plays a significant role in the factories. Even in the chemical plants, in the power plants the steel is used for the manufacturing process. The factories, warehouses, the stairs, floors are made with steel. Especially the steel chequered plates are used for the warehouse, factory, elevator, chemical plants floor. The reason being these chequered plates would prevent slippage and fall; this particularly works right when the workers are moving around with hazardous chemicals. It is always best to check MS chequered plate weight calculator, and charts before buying steel plates and other steel products.  The home appliances, office furniture, railroad tracks are made from steel as well. The manufacturing industry therefore, utilizes steel and simply cannot do without it.

The energy sector:

Another sector that cannot do without steel would be the energy sector. From oil to gas, all the branches require steel for different purposes. Here the steel is required mostly for the construction of pipelines, and other platforms as well. The oil, the gas needs to be transported from the ground to the surface and for that long pipelines need to be built. The steel tubs, steel plates, and other steel products are used extensively in the energy sector, as it requires a number of machinery for functioning. Sometimes the steel products are also customized as per the specific requirements. In fact the windmills, the hydraulic dams also require steel, because of its strength, special properties, and also because it is lightweight. While buying from ms pipe dealers in Chennai, discuss your specific project and ask for suggestions.

The above mentioned sectors are the ones that require steel the most and cannot do without it at all. Steel with all its variants and forms including pm plate, continues to be in high-demand. However, it is best to learn about the qualities and also the specific applications before procuring steel for your project.