Planning on Using Hot Rolled Plates? Here Are The Pros And Cons That You Should be Aware of

August 12, 2022

Steel is one of the most sought after metals in industries ranging from construction to manufacturing. The high tensile strength, and unique properties makes steel ideal for many applications. However, there are a number of variations to be expected in steel though. Based on the manufacturing process we have access to the hot rolled and cold rolled steel products. Now both kinds of steel undergo different processing technique and have different properties, and both types of steel products have different applications. Here we are going to discuss the pros and cons of hot rolled plates. Learn about these and also check the latest hr plate price before ordering.

Hot rolled plates: the pros and cons

Before we begin it is necessary to understand the hot rolling process. In this technique the steel is basically heated at a high temperature. The steel is subjected to the temperature that is higher than its recrystallization temperature. After being exposed to this high temperature the metal is then further rolled as it is passed through rollers. Later when the metal is allowed to cool there is definite shrinkage.

There features of hot rolled steel are-

    • The hot rolled steel has a scaly surface
    • Free from any kind of internal stress
    • Has better workability

Now let us focus on the pros and cons of the hr steel plates. However, it is advisable to learn about the hr sheet grades before ordering.

The pros:

The hot rolled plates do not have internal stress:

One of the biggest advantages of the hot rolled plates would be the fact that they do not have any kind of internal stress. The hot rolling process involves heating the metal and then rolling it, but the metal is allowed to cool gradually and therefore the steel never develops any internal stress. For the steel product it is important to not have that. This feature makes the hot rolled products ideal for a number of applications and whatever minor cracks might remain these could be done away with during further processing. In fact, even if there are any kind of minor defects, that too could be dealt with during further processing. Therefore, these plates are ideal to work with. Not having any cracks means they have the strength that is required from them. You should always be aware of the market price before you order though, learn what the hr sheet rate per kg is now if you want the sheets.

The hot rolled plates are affordable:

The cold rolled version undergoes a special manufacturing process and therefore, the price of the cold rolled steel is understandably higher. However, with the hot rolled steel products this is not an issue. The hot rolled steel is much more affordable, because there is no special processing involved. Therefore, for the projects where the hot rolled products are needed the cost can be within budget as the hr plate price would be affordable.

These plates are more workable:

The steel products need to have the workability; this is a feature that makes the products ideal for work. Due to the fact that the hot rolled steel is processed at a high temperature, it is easier to be processed and the best part is any kind of shape or, form could be achieved with the hot rolled steel. Therefore, for your specific project if you need a specific shape of steel products then the hot rolled plates would be absolutely perfect. Always check the hr sheet grades before you buy, as different grades are ideal for different applications.

The Cons:

Less strength:

The hot rolled plates have less tensile strength than the cold rolled steel ones. As the processing of the hot rolled steel is done gradually, it does not develop the strength as the cold rolled steel. Therefore, it is weaker and is not perfect for applications where a high tensile strength is a big requirement. It is also not as durable as the cold rolled steel. Learn about hr sheet rate per kg before you order.

Not a great surface finish:

One of the biggest cons of the hot rolled plates is that it does not have a good surface finish. The cold rolled steel due to being subjected to a special rolling process has a smoother surface finish. But hot rolled plates have a scaly surface and are not right for applications where aesthetics is involved.

The above mentioned pros and cons of the hot rolled plates make it clear that these are workable and affordable, however, are ideal for some specific applications. Before procuring it is always advisable to compare latest hr plate price offered by different dealers to get the best value for money.